The Gigolo

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////////////CAUTION ////////////

This story may or may not (but probably may) conceive inappropriate language and advices that could or could not (but probably could) cause you some troubles that may or may not (but probably may) ruin your sexual life for ever, given that you have one or not (but probably not or you wouldn’t read this story. Just kidding. You’re okay). 

What happens if you take 'Hitch the date doctor' mix it with 'Dead Pool' and let it make love to Casanova?

A: Yes. You'll get a pretty fucked-up Womanizer with sayings more spicy than a Mexican food festival. 

The Gigolo - c'est moi - is willing to show you all how a skinny, loser with a big mouth learn to attract people and success. Okay, mostly women. 

Witness:  what I learned from my mentors, how I meet Tommy, who taught me to be good again and how we both fall in the love trap. Guys should never fight about girls, but if she's might the one we men turn every place in a freakin' war zone a lá Rambo-shoot-everything-without-changing-magazine-style. 

Let me make you smile and maybe, with some look (and if you not look like shit) you'll find yourself as a master of attraction.