The sun is shining, the birds are singing and a little dwarf is breakdancing on the street or maybe it’s just the fact that you’re already high. You feel good and light as a feather. You don’t even  notice the bad neighbor hood you’re living. The work in the kitchen of a small Korean restaurant as a dish cleaner isn’t as promising as you’ve though, but your grades and your report are too bad for better jobs. But anyways, you don’t care. Not today. You have put on your white shirt with the jamaican flag, your old green jeans and your super-cool blue crocs. If you’re not looking tight , then my name is not Stephen King!

Finally the bus comes. You only have been waiting for thirty minutes, but not that you notices time in your mode.

The yellow, old and rusty bus stops by and you enter. Carrying your old green bag, full with green tickets to end of the rainbow. Ah and some porn magazines. It’s a reunion so you like to handle everything like back in the days.

In front of you is an old man with light gray hair and pale skin, sitting behind the steering wheel and wearing a black suit. He somehow reminds one of a funeral. Things that you not even really notices. You’re just smiling like a happy fool.

»Waaaaaaaaz up!«, you scream at him with your hand up for a high five.

The bus driver not even turns his head in your direction. He slowly chews something in his mouth and breaths hardly.

Paralyzed that you are, a new stupid idea comes across and you try to grab his hand for a handshake. Quickly the old man grabs a wooden cane and pushes it against your throat. An ugly pain runs through your body mixing up with the shock he gave you. Feeling the cold cane inhibiting your breath, you make a step back and swallows nervously.

»Whooa, I got you. No reason to play fifty shades of grey«, you answer and feign a smile.

The old man just keeps staring at you like an angry maniac. Now you can see that his eyes have two different colors. The right one is bright blue and the left one is deep black. A thing that amaze you, especially cause your high like an air balloon.

The old man starts do make weird noises without opening his mouth. A sound like someone is snoring or bricks sliding on the black top.

»Ooookay«, you say slowly and move to the seats.

A girl in a black hoody with her hood up, is sitting in the last row, close to the right window. She avoids every look to you by staring at the ground, while she is trembling.

High as you are, you use this chance to hit on a girl. So a few seconds later you sit next to her and move your glance to the shy girl. You can’t see her pale face. Just a few of her black wisps are visible.

The bus starts moving again and you see the chance to get into a chat and hopefully into some action.

»Steve Takahama and who are you little princess?«, you say, speaking like a casanova.

The girl seems now even more nervous and starts to bob her head up and down, while whispering words in a strange language, sounding a bit like latin. 

Before you’re able to react to this strange scene the bus stops again and the girl looks up to the the entrance. The hood falls back revealing the face of a young beautiful girl with small scars on her cheek. Fascinated by her beauty you decide to remain in silence. Slowly you follow her glance and see how Jasmine enters the bus. She is wearing a pink sweatshirt, a blue jeans and white sneakers. She combs her brown long hair out of her face with her hand, while carrying a pink trolly with her left.

You always wanted something from her. It could be her sweet charming smile, when she is delighted by something. Maybe it is her lively and spontaneous kind or maybe just the fact, that she’s the girl next door, who would rather swallow live coal than to speak to you. An unlikely fact that doesn’t bother you, cause you’re – high.

Suddenly the girl grabs your arm. Shocked you move your glance to her and notice that she has moved really close to you. Her face is now just a pant away from yours. Her dark eyes are directly  staring into yours like she could see into your soul. Before you could say something she slowly press her right forefinger against her lips and shakes her head calmly, almost in slow motion. You don’t know how to correctly respond to such a behavior so you just copy her move of shaking the head slowly.

»Change your movement to a nod and ones could sell you as a bobblehead«, a cheeky, sweet little voice says with a sign of amusement.

You move your glance to Jasmine, who is looking as you as you’re the stupid human being on earth. A look that you’re used from barely everyone you who.

»Hey, Jaz. What’s going on, babe?«, you respond like a creepy weirdo.

She sighs.

»To who have you spoke to?«, she asks with a sign of irritation.

»To my new girlfriend over her«, you answer, while moving your right arm to the side to embrace the shy girl.

Suddenly you fall to the seat next to you, recognizing that the seat is empty. Jasmine starts to laugh, while you’re looking shocked, trying to understand what’s happening.

»Maybe the next time you tied her at the seat or even better – stop smoking pot like a maniac, you freak!«, she spits out harshly and moves with her stuff to a seat some rows in front of you at the left side.

Still confused of happened with the girl, you stare for a few moments at the empty seat. Realizing that she is away, but Jasmine is still on board, you jump up from your seat and move with your stuff to her. A move that Jasmine also notices and tries to prevent by lying her stuff on the seat next to her. You see this move and respond by taking the row behind her. It is still a chance to be close to her and flirt. The awkward sighs of Jasmine proofs that she notices this chance too.

Suddenly the bus stops and Jordan comes in. Wearing a blue hoody, a whit shirt beneath it, jeans and red sneakers. In his left hand is a red bag with the logo of the RED WOLFS. The football team of Philamore high.

You like Jordan, but the fact that his sight gets Jasmine wet whenever she sees him, makes you nervous. Although you’re high. 

Jordan seems as uncomfortable as you were by speaking to the bus driver. He must have similar problems with him. 

Slowly he looks to you both, trying to decide where he’s going to sit. 

Where do you think he should sit?

Next to me or next to Jasmine or alone