Steve – sit alone

He decided to sit alone.  Well he is a busy man and you guess that he just needs a break. There is still plenty of time to get in touch.

»Hey guys, everyone alright?«, Jordan asks and takes a seat on the right side of the bus. Some rows in front of you.

»Hey, Bra!«, you shout and nod your head in direction to Jasmine, to indicate that there would be something going on.

»Hey, Jordan«, Jasmine answers happily.

Boy. Why can’t she be that happy when you’re around?

You look for a moment outside, seeing people passing by, when suddenly a man appears among the crowd of people. He is wearing a black suit and is from the bottom to the top wet like he have been under water. You only saw him for some seconds, but it was enough to see that it was – you! Shocked you move your glance away from the window. Sweat drops run down your forehead and your breath has accelerate.

»Everything alright?«, Jasmine asks a little concerned.

»Ye  … yes. All good«, you answer, searching for breath and pretending to be calm. Maybe it’s the drugs, but what if it doesn’t?

The bus stops and a blond gorgeous woman in black hip clothes and black sunglasses enters the bus. She is carrying a black bag on her back with a red pentagram on it.

The bus continues driving and this, very fast.

She walks towards you guys without looking at the bus driver. Ones could hear the heavy metal music coming from her big black headphones.

You like Megan. She is like the cool, hot sister your never had and you know that Megan is feeling about it the same way. You know that she is a big Metallica fan. Just as you are. So you both have created you very own special way to greet each other by saying verses of song texts.

She ignores Jordan and Jasmine.

»Say your prayers, little ones«, you say and raise up your hand for a high five.

»Till the sandman he comes«, Megan responds and gives you a high five with a delicious smile. Yes, she is a person that you could entrust any secret. She never would disappoint you. You both came from orphanages, so you both feel a strong connection to each other. She takes the seat next to you. Awesome! She’s is just the person you’ve needed to cheer you up. She smiles at you and takes off her headphones.

»What’s going on, Shorty?«, she asks with her sexy voice. You both are fans of the little Chinese boy in Indiana Jones. He was just like you both. No parents, but balls and the motivation to rock every place like hell.

You open your mouth to say something but you look outside the window instead, just to make sure that everything is alright.

»Steve? Are you okay?«, Megan asks a little concerned.

»Me? Oh. Yes. Happy and high like a panda«, you answer quickly without noticing what you are saying.

»Panda?«, Jasmine asks a little irritated.

»Sweet«, Megan says with a sexy smile, while she eyes you up.

The bus stops again and a brown beautiful women enters the bus. It’s Jessica. She’s wearing a red shirt, white jeans and is carrying a white trolley.

She looks gorgeous as ever, while smiling and laughing to the bus driver. Finally she looks at you guys. By the sight of Jordan her smile turns immediately into a expression of pure sadness. She nods her head down, breaths hardly and moves forward to you all.

Jessica first greets Megan with a little smile in exchange to Megan’s victory sign with her right hand. Then she smiles at you and you wink. Then Jessica smiles at you and Jasmine, while taking a seat next to her.

»Hey«, you say, delighted by the sight of the young brown lady.

»Hey, honey«, Jessica responds to you and hugs Jasmine. Both start to talk about some casual stuff.

You start to think if you should talk to Jessica, just to get Jasmine jealous.

Should you?

Talk to Jessica or remain in silence.