Fuck yeah! Reunion. After things went a little wild with Jessica, you could need some „distractions“.

Hey! You’re only a man. It isn’t your problem that you’re good looking and the she wants to sleep with you. Neither is it your problem that sex with condoms sucks and you suddenly got her pregnant. Shit happens, right?

In you deepest you know, that you can’t leave her alone with a baby, but are you ready to be a father?

You never had one. How could you be good father? What could he teach a child besides breaking other womens heart.

Shit! You need that trip and finally, their ist he bus.

A blue, new looking bus.

The door opens and you winces back,.

No driver. Just a modern, high-tech looking dashbord and a self-driving steering wheel.

Shit! High school buses got a deep Elon Musks affection these days.

Slowly you enter the bus, while staring at the mordern driving consule.

It’s like entering the Enterprise. Fucking Sci-Fi action.