Bull shit. This is the first thing that runs through your mind by thinking about this stupid journey. Who the hell even organized this meet up. As if life wouldn’t be annonying enough, now you have to see these little hypocrits again and even worse: pretend like you care. But – No! Not you. They not call you rebel for nothing. You are just to smart to follow rules some old stupid people has created. How can rules that were made in the stone age apply to the new world? People think you just give a damn about everything, but it’s not true. You just don’t care for their fake world. A world full with plastic barbies, polluting cars, war- and money horny people and liars in every corner. The chance to find true souls is probably as high as finding the next Albert Einstein in „Keep it up with the Kardashians“. Something like true friendship didn’t exists these days. Just like God didn’t exists. How could he and even if, what would this be of a God, who took your whole family during a holiday trip, while you were crushing by a friend. What kind of a God is that, who forces an eleven year old girl to earn money for her drugs by selling her body to nasty old men.

We are alone in this world. The only one that cares for you is the freak that is looking back at you, when you’re looking into the mirror.

People call you beautiful. They whistle after you and a lot of stupid boys try to get your number and call you a stupid lesbian after ignoring them. What a luck that you don’t give a fuck. But back to our trip.

A blue, old bus comes and stopps next to. The door opens under a squeezing sound and an old african man is looking at you. He looks like an older version of Snoop Dogg. What a luck for you and your best friend Steve. You both don’t have to worry about your drugs at least.

Slowly you enter the bus and pass the driver without giving him another look.

„Whiskey in The jar“ from Metallica is sounding from your headphones through your ears.

There they are. Jordan, the douchbag, in his sport clothes. Jasmine, the little diva, in some princess shit like stuff and Steve in his dope jamaican Shirt. That boy got swag. He’s kind of cute, but to nice for you. He’s still a boy.

So would what are you gonna do? Next to who are you going to sit?


Next to Steve or alone