Jordan – siting next to Steve

You’ve decided to sit next to Steve, cause you’ve missed the little stoner. A choice that also delights Steve. He smiles, while you taking a seat next to him. Steve seems almost relieved. Jasmine sighs in disappointment. You know that she had a crush on you back in high school. You don’t know how things are today. She’s very pretty, but you rather want to take things slow. Especially regarding that Jessica is going to join this group.

»Hey Guys!«, you friendly say to them.

»Hey ma’ man, good to see ya!«, Steve shouts and raises his hand for a high five.

You feign a smile and give him a high five. More out of compassion than out of friendship. Steve has always struggled in school as well in his social life. Maybe that’s a reason why you’ve started a kind of friendship with him. You always had a strong feeling for responsibility and guarding the weak ones.

»Hey Jordan«, Jasmine says and turns back to you guys. Her hazel brown eyes are fixing on yours.

»Hey Jasmine, how are you doing? It has been a while«, you ask and notices Steve nervous glance from the site.

Before she can respond to your question the bus stops and a blond gorgeous woman in black hip clothes and black sunglasses enters the bus. She is carrying a black bag with a red pentagram on it.

The bus continues driving and this, very fast.

She walks towards them without looking at the bus driver. Ones could hear the heavy metal music coming from her big black headphones.

You look delighted by her sight. Megan is what she ever was – the hot chick that gives a damn about everything and everyone. You give her light smile, cause you know that she wouldn’t respond anyways to a “hello”.

»Say your prayers, little ones«, Steve says and raises up his hand for a high five.

»Till the sandman he comes«, Megan responds and gives him a high five with a delicious smile.  A smile that makes even you a little jealous and more – curious about whats going on.

In the meantime, Megan takes a seat some rows behind you and relaxes her feet on the headrest of the seats in front of her. You shoot a brief look at the blond,  tattooed beauty before you turn your attention back to Steve.

»Say your prayers?«, you ask and think about a code word or something like that.

»Enter Sandman. Metallica«, Steve answers happily and looks out the window, observing the city buildings of downtown passing by. Moving closer to the outskirts of the city.

»Who even invited her?«, Jasmine asks with a sign of jealous and anger.

Steve opens his mouth to answer again, as the bus suddenly stops and biggest nightmare enters the bus.

Jessica enters the bus. She’s wearing a red shirt, white jeans and is carrying a white trolley.

Your heart pounds like crazy as it would explode every second. Your hands feel wet and your throat very heavy. You feel like someone is pushing you very hardly into your seat. All you wanna do is to run. A wish without any hope.

She looks gorgeous as ever, while smiling and laughing to the bus driver.

Finally she looks at you guys. By the sight of you her smile turns into a expression of pure sadness. She nods her head down, breaths hardly and moves forward to you all.

She first greets Megan with a little wink in exchange to Megan’s victory sign with her right hand. Then Jessica smiles at Steve and Jasmine, while taking a seat next to Jasmine.

»Hey«, Steve says.

»Hey honey«, Jessica responds to Steve and hugs Jasmine. Both start to talk about some casual stuff.

You start to think if you should talk to her.

Should you?

Talk to Jessica or remain in silence.