Are you strong enough? It has been a while since you’ve saw him. Actually you’ve promised yourself never to see this monster again. Things never have been the same since this one day. The day you’ve caught this little prick in bed with the woman that raised you up. Till today you never understood how a mother could stab her own blood like that. You know that the dead of your little sister and the divorcement with your father had hurt her a lot and pushed her to alcohol, but sleeping with the former love of one own child. You moved out the same day and broke up every single contact to her. You heard that she landed in a mental clinic somewhere close to downtown.

You bet that she still not noticed that you are sending money to her account every single month. Neither will she have noticed the letter you wrote about your pregnancy. It’s the first month now and you are afraid of what will follow by this heavy burden. Her help and her voice would do you a lot, but at least you’ve got him.

He will help you through. Before you’re able to think more about your baby, the bus comes by.

A gray, new bus. It looks like fresh out of the factory.

The door opens and a lovely lady with red hair looks at you with a wide smile.

„Hello, Darling“, she said and you enter the bus.

„Hey“, you answer a little bit shy.

„How are you doing, my dear?“ she asks, still smiling.

„I’m fine“, you answer, while feigning a smile.

„And how is she doing“, the lovely lady asks.

Your eyes widen.

„What?“, you ask, feeling a little nervous.

„Your baby. How is she doing today?“, she explained and gazes at you with a weird sign of threat.

You’re speechless. How does she knows? Your body don’t look different and you never saw her before.

„I’ve got a special nose for that“, the mysterious driver explained, like being able to read your mind.

The driver starts to laugh and you join her laugh too. More out of fear, than out of happiness.

Slowly you pass her and move your look to the inner of the bus. The first one you see is Jordan.

Your heart stops pounding for a while and you feel like you need to puke. Gently you nod your head down and take a deep breath. You can do that.

You raise your look again and see Jordan, Jasmine, Megan and Steve.

Next to who you are going to sit?

Next to Jasmine or alone