Jasmine – sit alone

He decided to sit alone. Wow. Too cool for you guys. It’s like he has turned into a second Megan. something the world doesn’t needs.

Can’t he see that you need him?

»Hey guys, everyone alright?«, Jordan asks and takes a seat on the right side of the bus. Some rows in front of you.

»Hey, Bra!«, Steve shouts and nods his head in your direction. What a stupid a-hole. As if you would be too retarded to notice his stupid actions.

»Hey, Jordan«, you answer, while feigning happiness. He decided to give a F about you, so why talking any longer too him?

Suddenly you hear and notice how Steve wincing back from the window in fear. Sweat runs down his forehead, his eyes are widely open and his whole body shivers.

He really has to stop doing drugs.

»Everything alright?«, you ask a little concerned.

»Ye  … yes. All good«, he answers, while he’s breathing hardly.

You move your look outside the window to see if there is something unusual, but none sign of any strange things. Just the usual crowd of people and some buildings. Downtown.

The bus stops and a blond  woman in black hip clothes and black sunglasses enters the bus. She is carrying a black bag on her back with a red pentagram on it.

The bus continues driving and this, very fast.

She walks towards you guys without looking at the bus driver. Ones could hear the heavy metal music coming from her big black headphones.

You and Megan are not really friends. She is this kind of woman, who just gives a shit about everything and everyone. People should care about each other and about the way other people think about oneself. Not Megan. She is just to cool for everything!

As you’ve thought she ignores you and Jordan and moves straightly to Steve, her brother in spirit.

»Say your prayers, little ones«, Steve says and raises up his hand for a high five.

»Till the sandman he comes«, Megan responds and gives him a high five with a delicious smile. She takes a seat next to Steve and starts to chat with him.

She must have noticed that something isn’t right with him and asks if he is okay. When Megan is concerned about your health, then you’re really screwed.

»Me? Oh. Yes. Happy and high like a panda«, Steve answers quickly without noticing what he is saying.

»Panda?«, you ask a little irritated.

»Sweet«, Megan says with a stupid smile, while looking at him like on a filet mignon. She must be kidding.

The bus stops again and a brown beautiful women enters the bus. It’s Jessica. She’s wearing a red shirt, white jeans and is carrying a white trolley.

She looks nice. She must do good, when she is having so much fun talking to this creepy bus driver.

Finally she looks at you guys. By the sight of Jordan her smile turns into a expression of pure sadness. She nods her head down, breaths hardly and moves forward to you all.

She passes Jordan without even looking. Poor Jordan that must have hurt.

Jessica first greets Megan with a little wink in exchange to Megan’s victory sign with her right hand. Then she smiles at Steve and you, while taking a seat next to you. Good choice you could need someone who cheers you up.

»Hey«, Steve says, delighted by the sight of Jessica.

»Hey, honey«, Jessica responds to him and hugs you. You missed those hugs. It has been a while since one has hugs you. The last one who did that was Tommy before he —

»Did he said something or did he just came into the bus like the guy who gives a fuck about you all and sat his ass somewhere far away from everyone who had liked him once?«, Jessica asks very emotional.

Wow. That was tough. What is going with her? Is she still made, after all those years.

»No he actually …«, you start saying and stop right away by the sight of tears, running down Jessica’s cheeks.

In one fell swoop, you feel bad. He destroyed her entire world with what he did and you was thinking about him with you under the shower. Shame on you.

What should you do?

Talk to Jessica or remain in silence.