Jasmine – next to Steve

Why? Why did he do that? He rather picks the stoner, although he has the chance to sit next to you. Does he don’t know that you never needed his attention and help more?

»Hey, guys«, Jordan friendly says.

»Hey ma’ man, good to see ya!«, Steve shouts and raises his hand for a high five.

Jordan smiles and gives him a high five, while feigning a smile.

»Hey Jordan«, you say and turn in the seat back to the guys. Your hazel brown eyes are fixing his.

»Hey Jasmine, how are you doing? It has been a while«, he asks.

You quickly run through the options you could say and decide to give just a casual statement without revealing your true situation. He decided to sit next to Steve, why should he care about your life anyway?

Before you can respond to Jordan’s question the bus stops and a blond  woman in black hip clothes and black sunglasses enters the bus. She is carrying a black bag on her back with a red pentagram on it.

The bus continues driving and this, very fast.

She walks towards you guys without looking at the bus driver. Ones could hear the heavy metal music coming from her big black headphones.

You and Megan are not really friends. She is this kind of woman, who just gives a shit about everything and everyone. People should care about each other and about the way other people think about oneself. Not Megan. She is just to cool for everything!

As you’ve thought she ignores you and Jordan and moves straightly to Steve, her brother in spirit.

»Say your prayers, little ones«, Steve says and raises up his hand for a high five.

»Till the sandman he comes«, Megan responds and gives him a high five with a delicious smile. She takes a seat in the back of the bus. Even the way she sits their with her feet on the headrest of the seat in front of her. This woman got no sense for respect or behavior. You bet all what she does the whole day is to pray to satan and get on her knees for some drunk jobless losers.

Jordan shoots a brief look at her. He looks like he is observing a treasure. Why can’t he look at you like he did it with her? Is it the hair color? The tattoos? The way to treat everyone like shit? What is it? She looks gorgeous, ok. But you do it too. So what’s the big deal? 

»Who even invited her?«, you ask with a sign of jealous and anger. Shit you didn’t wanted to act like this.

Jordan opens his mouth to answer, as the bus suddenly stops.

Jessica enters. She’s wearing a red shirt, white jeans and is carrying a white trolley. Jordan looks like someone stabbed a knife into his heart. You have heard of what he have done. It was an unforgivable act, but you also heard that he were on ex for the first time and that this woman was the one who gave it to him. If he would cheat to you, when you both would be a couple?

She looks nice. She must do good, when she is having so much fun talking to this creepy bus driver.

Finally she looks at you guys. By the sight of Jordan her smile turns into a expression of pure sadness. She nods her head down, breaths hardly and moves forward to you all.

She first greets Megan with a little wink in exchange to Megan’s victory sign with her right hand. Then Jessica smiles at Steve and you, while taking a seat next to you. Good choice you could need someone who cheers you up.

»Hey«, Steve says, delighted by the sight of Jessica.

»Hey, honey«, Jessica responds to him and hugs you. You missed those hugs. It has been a while since one has hugs you. The last one who did that was Tommy before he —

»What happened?«, Jessica asks friendly, but concerned.

»What do you mean?«, you answer quickly, fearing that she knows something.

»Jasmine. What’s going on? You haven’t return any of my calls? It’s like you’ve disappeared from this planet.«, she explains further.

What should you do?

Answer Jessica or remain in silence